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Maxim Behar is a leading Public Relations expert with wide experience and strong presence in many countries all over the world. He travels a lot, often speaks in front of world leaders audiences, practitioners, students and opinion makers on the modern Public Relations and Social Media topics.

Maxim is a past President of ICCO, the largest and most influential global organization of Public Relations professionals and practitioners  and now is a President of the World Communications Forum Association, registered in Davos, Switzerland.
Нe was inducted in the Global PR Hall of Fame for his entire work supporting and leading thousands of international PR projects and for his remarkable mandate as ICCO (World PR Organization) President.

Maxim's latest book The Global PR Revolution is among the best publications about Public Relations sold now internationally and was ranked by BookAuthority  among top 5 new books on PR in the world.

Maxim is a Harvard Kennedy School graduate, also graduated universities in Prague, Seattle and Yokohama.

He is a dreamer and hard worker for a better, more dynamic and more ethical world. Maxim is also a practitioner - he likes chatting, networking, serious business projects, social media, rock music, gadgets and traveling, meeting new people and facing new challenges, reading and writing. Also he is a committed fan of golf, cycling and parachute jumping.

One of his favorite rules in life is: If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!

In 1994 Maxim founded M3 Communication Group, Inc., a leader in the field of public and media relations in Bulgaria. Since then he has been the company's Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He is also Honorary Consul General of Republic of Seychelles to Bulgaria.

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